Saturday, December 3, 2011

This is ME!

Well all my friends have been telling me a while now to start a blog , so here i am and i decided its gonna be about books my secret love :) i am a self confessed book worm but i do it with style ;) i love Y.a books like there myt absolute favorite right now but i do read some historical type books too like the paris wife

which i absolutely adored i would recommend this to anyone who has a taste for historical , romance or even classic book it could fall under any of this genres but any way , this is just my first post to let everyone know about me and what im gonna be doing here ! im new to this so im still getting the hang of things so don't judge me. I am on and twitter my twitter name is JessicaLolz if anyone chooses to follow me which i would love and i would redo the favor :) im not here to dictate what good books are and what bads one are simply to give my honest opinion and from now on each book i read i will review right here on this blog ! i buy alot a books on my kindle and actual books so ill spend all my free time here reviewing them i suppose lol , if anyone would like me to review a book or just would like to recommend a book to me id love to hear from everyone and i will reply to all ! so peace everyone and stay tuned <3

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