Monday, March 12, 2012

What im reading right now...

I recently just started Glow - by Amy Kathleen Ryan and im about half way threw is and i have to say im really enjoying it , i love syfy movies based in space but iv never really felt the draw towards books based in space or that kind of section in fantasy im more paranormal , ghosts vampires that sort of stuff but i came across this book in my local store and i absolutely LOVE the cover and yes i know people say "never judge a book by its cover" but i challenge anyone in the "book world" to tell me they don't instantly like a book more if it has a really pretty cover ! hmm :/ food for thought yes ! Any way back to the actual book , from were i am so far all i can tell is Waverly and Kieran were a young couple aboard a space ship heading towards "new earth" because here normal earth has become desolate . There world seems to be pretty much planned out till the sister ship comes into sight when they should be light years ahead of them ! soon people are boarding their ship and taken all the girl children to the other ship ! When Waverly find out that there are no kids aboard that ship , they were never able to resolve their fertility problems , and it soon becomes clear to her that what they are telling her ( that they had to rescue them because their ship was being destroyed !) that they have brought her and the other kids here to live with new familys! and iv read this in a hour im completely hooked in this dystopian spaced book !! my review will soon be up when im finished which at this rate wont be long!

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